About Us

The Dufferin County Canadian Black Association was founded on June 3, 2020 by Shelburne resident Alethia O’Hara Stephenson. The impetus for the creation of the Association followed after many discussions with community members, political leaders and stakeholders about the growing Black population in Dufferin County (Blacks including those of African descent and individuals from the Caribbean and Latin diaspora) and the need to provide a voice, advocacy, a safe space along with educational programs, support services, community outreach and scholarship opportunities benefiting families and businesses within Dufferin County. The Dufferin County Canadian Black Association (DCCBA) is committed to being a true community partner working with other established agencies to bring value to the Dufferin County community. Our Association is inclusive and welcoming to all who wish to volunteer, provide feedback, attend events and sign up for future programs.


Our Mission

To provide leadership for the continued development and enhancement of the Black community through civic engagement, education, programs and services and advocate for equity and wellbeing for the Black community in Dufferin County. To be a central hub for resources, tools and programs that are unique to the needs of the Black Community in Dufferin County.


Our Vision

To develop and foster a socially and economically equitable group that will continue to contribute to the growth and development in Dufferin County and Canada. To have a strong focus on Youth Achievement and Excellence. To partner with government officials (all levels), local businesses & corporations to bring awareness and partnering on issues that impacts the community.


Our Values

  • EDUCATION - We promote education as the primary vehicle to economic mobility and sustainability for our community.
  • INTEGRITY - We lead with integrity in all aspects of our work - demonstrating honesty and moral change.
  • EXCELLENCE - We expect and deliver the very best whenever representatives of the DCCBA are involved.
  • ADVOCACY - We take active and measurable steps to influence decisions within political, economic, and social institutions.
  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION - We serve as a champion for and live out diversity and inclusion at all times.
  • TRANSPARENCY - We stay accountable to members of the community.
  • COLLABORATION - We recognize that the path toward equity requires working together with all community partners.